Why hire an IT Support apprentice?

Hiring an IT support apprentice can be an excellent decision for many organisations, particularly those looking to build a pipeline of skilled employees who are invested in their success. In comparison to hiring a senior IT support technician, there are several benefits to bringing on an apprentice.

Here are five key reasons why hiring an IT support apprentice may be the right choice for your organisation:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring an IT support apprentice is usually less costly than bringing on a senior IT support technician. This can be particularly valuable for smaller organisations, nonprofits, or those with tight budgets.
  2. Fresh insights and ideas: Apprentices often bring new perspectives and ideas to the table, as they are typically more recently trained and are eager to apply their knowledge in practical settings.
  3. Desire to learn and grow: Apprentices are usually motivated to learn and develop their skills quickly, as their success in the role often depends on it. This can lead to a highly engaged and committed employee who is invested in long-term growth within the organisation.
  4. Customisation of training: Because apprentices are newer to the field, their training and development can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. This can lead to more targeted, effective training and professional development over time.
  5. Long-term retention: As apprentices become more skilled and integrated into the team, they can become valuable long-term employees for the organisation. This can help to reduce turnover and build a pool of skilled IT professionals within the organisation.

View our apprenticeship learning plan for the Level 3 IT Support programme below:

IT Support Learning Plan

Level 3 IT Support Learning Plan Velocity Academy

In conclusion, while hiring a senior IT support technician may be the right choice for some organisations, there are many benefits to bringing on an IT support apprentice. From cost-effectiveness to long-term retention, apprentices can bring a range of valuable skills and perspectives to the team.

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