Recruiting With Velocity

If you are not looking for an apprentice, we can also offer corporate recruitment to suit the needs of your organisation.

Trust in Velocity

Velocity has a wealth of experience in sourcing, screening and recruiting talent for large and small employers. Velocity also runs educational apprenticeship programmes and has helped hundreds of businesses recruit and develop talent. If you’re looking for an experienced member to join your team, or develop young talent, Velocity is here to help.

Sectors we specialise in:

  • Health & Fitness – Personal Trainers, Gym Managers, Sales Executives and Assistant Managers.
  • Business Management – Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Finance Manager and Area Manager.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales – SEO & SEM Managers, Digital Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.

Finding Talent

Our team has a variety of innovative methods in finding the talent that matches your criteria. We have an extensive talent research process that filters through a mass of CV’s to ensure we find the right person for your organisation. We recruit across the UK, helping candidates find connect with the jobs that match their skillset. We are recruitment specialists across the franchise, private, public and commercial sectors.

Why Recruit with Velocity?

Velocity has helpred hundreds of businesses through periods of change through our recruitment and educational programmes. Through our relationships that we have fostered with industry leaders, we understand the need for finding talent to match your organisational needs. You may need to act quickly, or even radically to stay one step ahead. Which is why you need access to the right people at the right time. We are dilligent in learning about the companies we work with so we can find the best matches.

We understand your Business

Every business operates in it’s own uniques way. So you can’t expect every business to recruit in the same way. This is why Velocity ensures that we understand your organisational culture, ethics and vision in order to find talent that matches not only the had skills required but also the intangible traits required too.

We have Ethics

Unlike a typical recruitment consultancy, Velocity has an ethical apprach to finding candidates. We want our partners businesses to succeed just as much as a shareholder would. The main reason why Velocity offer recruitment services is to improve the outlook of the UK economy and achieve greater prosperity for all.

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