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Apprenticeships can play a key role in developing a business and securing success in achieving business targets and goals. When used correctly, an apprenticeship programme can be highly relevant to fill skill gaps for specific roles.

Our delivery model and partnered approach, ensures your business benefits from the apprenticeship programme.

Professionally compatible

We ensure our programmes deliver the relevant expertise, aligned to organisations and industry needs.

Instant impact

Our delivery model ensures employees learn practically, and apply immediately.


Utilising apprenticeship schemes instead of traditional graduate programmes allows the use of levy spend.

Prospect planning

Using market research to appropriately plan for future skill needs and development.


We can recommend programmes to suit the skill gaps and attributes of your business.

Apprenticeship Levy

In 2017, the government announced the Apprenticeship Levy. The levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to invest in Apprenticeships.

If your pay bill is over £3 million you
are required to pay 0.5% into a levy pot which you can then spend on Apprenticeship training. You will then get a government allowance of £15,000 towards this and then a 10% top up on your final amount.

20% off the job training

All apprentices have to undertake 20% off the job training time during an apprenticeship programme. This is learning which is done outside of the normal day to day environment, and is key to achieving the qualification. Examples of training include:

  • Teaching of theory (learning, lectures, simulations).
  • Practical training (On the job). Shadowing current staff (experienced members).
  • Mentoring.
  • Learning support and time spent writing assessments.

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