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Who are we?

Velocity Academy are a post 16 private education institution that was incorporated in 2014. Velocity Academy initially started as a commercial training provider delivering health & fitness qualifications across the North of England.

From our successful delivery of classroom and online based qualifications, Velocity Academy gained a rapid reputation of delivering service excellence to our students. Following this model, Velocity Academy is now a private college institution that delivers apprenticeship programmes from level 2 all the way up to degree level apprenticeships. We now boast a diverse portfolio of vocational learning programmes such as business management, administration, health and fitness and technology.

Velocity Academy works with a range of businesses from micro SME’s to large corporate organisations, offering services such as apprenticeship recruitment, apprenticeship learning programmes and self-funded courses. Many of our learning programmes are delivered using our innovative course designs that include our award-winning online virtual classrooms. In addition to our digital style of programme delivery, we also offer tailored programmes to match the employer and students needs with our outstanding classroom based tuition.

Over 1000 students study and qualify through our institution each year, building both soft and hard skills to help them develop as individuals and enhance the UK economy.

Working for Velocity

If you care as much as we do about further education and how it affects our world, then you’ll find a career with us very rewarding.

We endeavour to have our team members to share a passion for technology, health & fitness or business. We are always striving to know more about our clients, our learners, and their collective needs.

As a private organisation, we celebrate diversity and are proud of building a culture at Velocity Academy where people are free to express their individual identities. We promote equality, fairness and non-discrimination at all times, and recruit our people based on their attitude and skills alone.

Once on board, we invest heavily in our team, with professional development support and generous staff benefits.

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Mission Statement – To deliver excellent vocational skills and knowledge to help develop our students as individuals and grow employers in order to enhance the UK economy.

Vision Statement – To futureproof and progress employer and student knowledge, skills and behaviours through applicable qualifications and apprenticeships.

Sets of Principles:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

At the heart of how Velocity Academy operates, we always ensure that everything is done with integrity. This is the act of being honest with our work and holding high moral principles in our everyday decision making.

The key to our service offering is operational excellence. We ensure that our departments have clear efficiency key performance indicators that holds our student and employers needs as the core.

Velocity Academy ensures that we have an accountable culture, where responsibility is earned and rewarded across the whole of the team. Responsibility is a privilege and one that is taken seriously at Velocity.

Teamwork is at the heart of everything that we strive to achieve at Velocity Academy. No one person can successfully achieve our organisational goals. However, collectively we can make a difference to the UK economy.

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