Studying with Velocity

Here at Velocity, students and apprentices come together from across the country and work together in a modern learning environment. Our study pathways are interactive, engaging and based on 2 way communication with some of the best technical trainers across business, technology and health & fitness.

Your education

Velocity Academy takes your education seriously. That’s why all of our learning mentors have been put through a ridged internal exam to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to help you through your qualifications. Our learning mentors also come from industry, meaning that they can not only teach the technical knowledge needed to pass, but also relate to the day-to-day experience of your chosen study career.

Your Lifestyle

We know that your lifestyle plays a huge role in your studies, and that’s why we look to take this into consideration at Velocity Academy. This is why we have developed a study pathway that flexes to your needs. We have specialists that are on hand to offer you information, advice and guidance (IAG) from the moment you approach us about a course or vacancy, to the moment you complete your final exams.

Velocity Campus

As part of our commitment to you, we have a range of resources, job opportunities and VelocityRadio’s podcast to inspire you and enhance your skillset no matter your chosen sector or role. Find out more about the Velocity Campus.

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