Why enrol onto a Level 4 Application Support Apprenticeship?

Application Support Lead Apprenticeship

In November 2021 the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education released a new apprenticeship programme in Level 4 Application Support Lead. At the time of writing this article, Velocity Academy are one of only 5 educational providers in the UK currently and we have worked with a number of large public and private organisations to curate the learning programme for this apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship programme is still relatively new compared to other apprenticeship programmes however, the requirement for individuals skilled in the field of application is increasing rapidly. This programme is a great progression for those that may have already achieved the Level 3 IT Support Technician apprenticeship, or alternatively up skill an individual who is looking to futureproof their own skill set.

Why enrol onto a Level 4 Application Support Lead Apprenticeship?

So, what are the benefits of enrolling onto the Level 4 Application Support Lead Apprenticeship?

  1. Gain valuable skills: You will have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in supporting applications, troubleshooting, managing incidents, and providing customer service.
  2. Enhance employability: Completing an apprenticeship can increase your employability and make you a more attractive candidate for jobs in the IT support field.
  3. Earn while you learn: Apprenticeships allow you to earn a wage while you learn, providing you with financial stability and the ability to gain hands-on experience.
  4. Career progression: Successful completion of the apprenticeship can lead to certification, which can open up opportunities for career progression in the IT industry.
  5. Support and mentoring: Throughout your apprenticeship, you will have access to support and mentoring from experienced professionals, helping you to reach your full potential.

When you enrol onto the Level 4 Application Support Lead apprenticeship with Velocity Academy, you will study the following module as part of your apprenticeship:

  • Digital Behaviours
  • Application Support
  • Digital Legislation
  • Data in Application Support
  • Digital Project Management and Lifecycles
  • Defects and Testing

These modules cover a wide range of topics that can be found in the role of an Application Support Lead. These include but are not limited to, understanding GDPR and Data Law, Database methods, Power BI, SQL, ITIL, Agile, Waterfall Project Management, Defect and Testing methodologies.

Application Support

Application Support Lead Apprenticeship


Overall, enrolling onto an Application Support Lead Level 4 apprenticeship can provide you with valuable skills, enhance your employability, allow you to earn while you learn, provide opportunities for career progression, and offer support and mentoring along the way.

If you are an employee or an employer interested in the Level 4 Application Support Lead apprenticeship, fill in the form below and one of our apprenticeship advisors will send you across more information on this programme.

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