Guidance for Apprenticeships during Lockdown

Guidance for Apprenticeships during Lockdown

Have you been wondering how the lockdown is affecting enrolment and existing placements? We’ve put together this blog post, so you know exactly what’s going on with apprenticeships during the pandemic.

If you’ve decided to choose Velocity Academy as your training provider, there is some good news. We have moved all of our training courses and modules online, meaning you can continue your studies and get direct help from your tutor and complete your assessments over Zoom. This allows you to continue your apprenticeship either at home or in your workplace, without any disruption. If you are using another training provider, then make sure to get in touch with them to find out how they will operate during Covid-19.

Learning Is Moving Online

Technology is fast-changing, especially in the professional world, and with the outbreak of the virus, employers and training providers have had to adapt to be able to work and learn in a place deemed safe. At Velocity Academy, we not only offer online learning but provide all of our students an online campus experience where they can log in and gain access to content exclusive to Velocity, which includes our latest industry-specific podcasts, webinars hosted by chosen professionals and speakers, discounts and offers to help you save money and loads more.

Staying Productive during Covid-19

Although you’re not at work, it’s important to keep your day structured, stick to a routine, and make a list of the tasks you have for the day. Doing these things will help you develop yourself personally but also teach you how to manage your time and priorities effectively, which is a must needed skill that you’ll need throughout your career. Doing these activities will also reduce the stress and pressure you may feel when you’re at your busiest.

Finding apprenticeships during Lockdown

If you aren’t enrolled in an apprenticeship but like the sound of one and want to find out more, then drop us a message or give us a call. We can guide you to the right path and help you get your career started in the field of your choice. At Velocity, we have a range of apprenticeships available in Digital Marketing, Business Admin, and Health & Fitness. Know which field you want to work in? View our available roles here.

Are you a Furloughed Apprentice?

If you’ve been furloughed at work, the Government (DfE) has recently introduced the Apprenticeship Recovery Package which will provide incentive payments to employers to support the return to work. Contact your employer or training provider to find how you can get back working.

Just because your furloughed doesn’t mean you can’t continue your apprenticeship work, you can use the time you have off work to study, complete your assessments and get ahead for when things get back to normal. All of our tutors are still available during these times so just drop them an email with any questions you may have.

If you have any other questions related to Apprenticeships and the Lockdown get in touch via email. All of our available vacancies are available to view here.

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