Can Apprenticeships Solve The UK Digital Skills Gap?

The current UK Digital Skills Gap is a significant concern for many industries. The rapid advancement of technology has led to a shortage of individuals with the necessary technical skills to fill job vacancies. The issue is particularly acute in the fields of software development, data science and IT cloud and infrastructure, where demand for skilled professionals continues to outstrip supply.

Apprenticeships have emerged as an effective solution to bridging the Digital Skills Gap. By combining on-the-job learning with classroom instruction, apprenticeships offer a practical and cost-effective way for individuals to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. Apprenticeships also provide employers with a means of shaping a talented and highly skilled workforce, with apprentices playing a crucial role in driving innovation and growth within their companies.

Moreover, apprenticeships help to promote social mobility and inclusion by offering people from all walks of life the chance to acquire marketable and transferable skills. They also enable individuals to earn while they learn, which can significantly reduce the financial burden of pursuing a higher education degree.

Velocity Academy offers a range of apprenticeship programmes that will help solve the skills gap. We take the headache out of recruitment by completing this full process for you and present a specific set of candidates for you to select from. The apprentice would then enrol onto their UK approved study programme in their given discipline, thus starting their apprenticeship with your organisation.

In conclusion, apprenticeships are a key tool to address the Digital Skills Gap in the UK. They provide a practical and cost-effective way for people to acquire the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy, while also helping to promote social mobility and access to opportunities. By investing in apprenticeships, we can ensure that the UK has the talent and skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

If your organisation could benefit from hiring an apprentice, Velocity Academy offers a free recruitment service for the following role types;

  • Data Technician
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Support
  • IT Network Technician
  • Application Support Lead
  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • IT Technical Sales

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