The principles of screening clients prior to exercise EXPLAINED

All clients should be screened before they start an exercise programme to assess their readiness to exercise, their health status and current activity and fitness levels.

Screening clients and acquiring informed consent are compulsory legal and ethical duties of care for exercise and fitness instructors.

Information gathered from the various screening procedures:

–  Governs the advice and guidance offered to clients.

– Influences the design of any exercise and activity programme, including the frequency, intensity and type of activity recommended.

The purpose of pre-exercise screening is to:

– Assess the client’s readiness for exercise.

– Identify high-risk clients who need clearance from their GP in order to participate.

– Inform the design and panning of the programme.

– Maximise the benefits of exercise participation for the client.

– Protect the instructor and organisation from litigation.

– Fulfil professional, legal and ethical requirements.

All clients should be screened before taking part in exercise, it is a legal and ethical requirement.

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