Content Creator

The primary focus of the Content Creator Apprenticeship is to cultivate and produce written and audio-visual content suitable for diverse platforms and media outlets. This includes but is not limited to social media, broadcast, and print mediums.

Content Creator Apprentices adhere to provided guidelines, conducting thorough research and crafting engaging messaging to optimise audience interaction. They adeptly encapsulate brand strategies, aligning with customer, client, or business objectives.

The content generated serves various purposes, encompassing media dissemination, advertising initiatives, documentation, and marketing endeavours.

Content Creator Apprentices adeptly tailor messages to suit specific audiences and objectives, ensuring versatility across platforms and channels. An inherent enthusiasm for technology and content creation is essential.

Throughout their daily tasks, those in the Content Creator Apprenticeship role engage with a wide array of stakeholders, collaborating across the content creation spectrum. This typically involves interactions with clients, marketing and digital teams, production units, financial stakeholders, contributors, artists, and end users.

Apprenticeship Information

Content Creator Apprenticeship

Throughout this apprenticeship you will be studying the following modules:

  • Content Plan & Creation Strategies
  • Audio/Video Content Creation
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Graphic Design Content Creation
  • Technical Content Creation (SEO)
  • Content Performance Evaluation Techniques

Apprenticeship Structure

This apprenticeship programme runs in cohorts and have dedicated academic start dates. The apprentice will be required to attend 17 teaching and learning days for this apprenticeship programme. These teaching and learning days are a requirement for the apprentice to learn the needed knowledge, skills and behaviours to develop as a Content Creator and to achieve their apprenticeship assessments.

Breakdown of Apprenticeship Programme

Stage 1 – Induction & Initial Assessments 
During this stage, Velocity Academy will complete the apprenticeship on-boarding process with you and your employer. During this, the apprentice will complete an induction to your apprenticeship programme and the apprentice will also complete initial screening assessments for their functional skills.

Stage 2 – Your Learning
During stage 2, the apprentice will receive their tuition attendance dates for their required apprenticeship programme. These tuition dates will be hosted through Velocity Academies Online Live Classrooms and lead by your dedicated programme lead. The apprentice and the employer will also be invited to an apprenticeship review meeting every 6 weeks with their apprenticeship programme lead. 

Stage 3 – Mock EPA Activities
As the apprentice gets towards the end of their apprenticeship programme, they will be preparing for their End-Point Assessment (EPA) activities. Consider these as the final summative assessments that will lead to the apprentice achieving their apprenticeship. During this time, the apprentice will be conducting mock assessments with their programme lead.

Stage 4 – End-Point Assessment & Graduation
This is the final stage of the apprenticeship programme. The EPA activities are lead by the awarding body and the apprentice will be allocated an assessor from the awarding body to complete their assessments with. Once the apprentice has completed these assessments and passed them, they would then be ready for graduating from their apprenticeship programme.

Apprenticeship Units

Payment Information

Apprenticeship Programme Payments

As a Non-Levy employer (SME), you’ll have an annual pay bill of under £3m. Non-Levy paying employers will share the cost of training their apprentices with government – this is called ‘co-investment’; the government pays 95% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training with the employer paying the remaining 5%.

Small, Medium Employer (under £3m annual payroll)

  • £50.00 per learner per month (5% employer contribution *10 months = £500) + VAT

Small Employer Incentive

The government recognises that smaller employers have historically played a very important role in helping young and disadvantaged people into the workforce. They continue to support small employers to take on younger Apprentices (16-18).
So, for employers with fewer than 50 employees, the government will pay 100% of the Apprenticeship training costs for these individuals.
£1,000 is available to any employer taking on a 16-18 year old apprentice, or a 19-24 year old with an EHC plan; also available for Levy employers.

Levy Employer (over £3m annual payroll)

  • On Programme: £614.38 per learner per month * 13 months = £8,000 (80%)
  • End Point Assessment: £2,000 (20%)
  • Total Cost = £10,000
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