BCS Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Principles

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This qualification covers the range of digital marketing principles, strategies and techniques, for which marketers are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. These include, basic marketing principles, customer relationship marketing, understanding how teams work effectively to deliver digital marketing campaigns, how to apply the customer lifecycle and the main components of Digital and Social Media Strategies.

Course Information

Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing Principles, strategies and techniques. Key areas are:

  1. Understands and can apply basic marketing principles
  2. Understands the role of customer relationship marketing
  3. Understands how teams work effectively to deliver digital marketing campaigns and can

    deliver accordingly

  4. Understands and can apply the customer lifecycle
  5. Understands the main components of Digital and Social Media Strategies

These learning outcomes are taught during 3 days on online live taught sessions if you choose to have the course delivered via live sessions. Alternatively, if you wish to complete the course in your own time, the course can be delivered via pre-recorded lessons that you can study in your own time. Both learning pathways are guided via a remote, industry experienced tutor who will guide you through your qualification.

Course Structure

The course is taught via two delivery pathways. These are the online live sessions or the self-study option.

Online Lives Sessions

These lessons are taught following scheduled online live classrooms that you will log onto. These lessons are pre-booked and are delivered to cohorts of students. The online live classrooms are brilliant for live engagement in the lessons and you have the benefit of not only asking the tutor, but pulling from other students experiences. To find out when the next set of online live classroom sessions are being held, fill out the submission form and one of our course advisory team members will be happy to help you.

Self-Study Sessions

These are pre-recorded lessons that are uploaded onto our Velocity Virtual Campus. This learning pathway was developed for students that wish to study in their own time.  Both learning pathways are guided via a remote, industry experienced tutor who will guide you through your qualification.

BCS Exam 

Once all of the required learning has been completed and you have passed the mock exams, you will be submitted for your final proctored exam. The format for the examination is a one-hour multiple-choice examination consisting of 40 questions. The examination is closed book (no materials can be taken into the examination room). The pass mark is 26/40 (65%). This is an invigorated exam that is proctored remotely. You can sit this exam in a suitable, quite environment to suit you.

Course Units

The units that you will complete during this course are:

1. Basic Marketing Principles

2. Customer Relationship Marketing

3. The Role of Effective Teamwork

4. Customer Engagement and Market Segmentation

5. The Customer Lifecycle

6. Main Components of Digital and Social Media Strategies

7. How Digital and Social Media Strategies are Implemented

To view the full breakdown of the syllabus, simply click on this link here

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Payment Information

There are two payment options. These are:

Option 1: £900 payment in full

Option 2: £100 deposit with 8 monthly payments of £100 at 0% interest.

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£900 (Deposit £100)

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