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Junior Digital Leader Apprenticeship Programme


Academy Administrator

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Job Purpose

Working as part of our administration function of the academy. You will oversee the data input and insights of our apprenticeship and short course provision for technology, business ad fitness programmes.

You will be responsible for maintenance and data input using our Maytas management information system. Tasks include logging student review documents, adding new students to our system, amending student journeys and allocating students to our delivery team. Other daily tasks include the maintenance of the Velocity Virtual Campus and aiding in the development of learning resources with support from experienced tutors.

Your days will be fast-paced and busy.  You will be required to communicate well and work as part of a team. Your role will cross over into ever other department of the business as you support them.

This is a 3 year degree level programme where you will be initially studying the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship programme. After you have completed your first learning programme in 12 months time, you will the have an option of what specific programme you would like to specialise in. This would be a choice between, Level 3 Data Technician, Level 3 Digital Marketing or Level 3 IT Support. Your 2nd year will consist of your chosen study programme. Once you have completed your 2nd year, your 3rd year will then consist of a managerial learning programme being delivered to you. Dependent on your progress at within the 3rd year, this will either be the Level 3 Team Leader or Level 5 Operational Manager apprenticeship programme.

By the end of your 3rd year you will then be a Junior Leader within your specific specialist area.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adding new students to our Maytas management information system
  • Adding student review visits to our Maytas management information system
  • Registering students with their chosen Awarding Body
  • Certificating students using the Awarding Body online platforms
  • Scheduling online exams for students
  • Maintaining and updating the Velocity Virtual Campus with the latest student content
  • Uploading tutor lectures to our online systems
  • Developing academy marketing and delivery resources
  • Maintenance and development of the Velocity Academy Sharepoint Hub
  • Development and maintenance of datasets that link to Power BI
  • Completing tasks set by managers on our Asana dashboard

Candidate Criteria 

  • A good team worker that can work with others
  • Good communication skills, both online and offline with other team members
  • A good level of IT literacy where you are comfortable with using Microsoft excel, powerpoint ad other Office 365 products
  • Able to use video editing software (Adobe)
  • A completer/finisher. You are able to start projects and finish them prior to taking the next project on.
  • A good level of English and Maths day to day skills
  • At minimum a pass in English and Maths GCSE’s (A-Level desirable)

Salary – £15,000 (Increases with qualifications gained)

Location – WF6 1JU, Normanton, West Yorkshire

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